From Conflict To Connection

Couples usually start out with a very positive beginning, then somewhere down the road conflict starts to creep in.

The myth in our culture is that if your relationship is marked by conflict, then this must be a sign that you are with the wrong person.

This belief about conflict is very prevalent, hence the 50 % divorce rate. From my experience as a coach and safe communication facilitator, conflict is a sign that growth is trying to happen!, and not a sign we should give up on the relationship. The safe communication dialogue is a way of communicating with your partner that creates safety in the relationship.

(If the relationship has become abusive, then of course we should take appropriate steps to keep ourselves safe)

Safe communication dialogue is a structured process that involves 3 main steps.1.Mirroring what our partner says.2. Validating their experience. 3.Empathising with their experience.

When we listen to our partner in this way, it creates safety and trust.

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Lynn Armstrong

Published by From Conflict To Connection

My name is Lynn Armstrong, I work as a relationship coach, and also in the area of stress resilience

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