Why Do We Need The Safe Communication Dialogue Process?

We all know that when our relationships are going well, everything else in life works better too. The opposite is also true, when our relationships are marked by misunderstanding and conflict, it has a knock on effect in other areas of our lives.

The ‘safe communication dialogue’ is a structured way of having a conversation, it is widely used in every kind of setting, from business, to schools, families and couples.

The safe communication dialogue is part of a relational technology that promotes connection and understanding between people.

The dialogue process eradicates conflict and allows each person to feel really seen, heard and respected..

The diagram below illustrates how the quality of our communication with other people is affected by which brain state we are in.

The ‘safe communication dialogue’ keeps us in our upper brain (brain states 1 and 2) when we are talking and listening to others. The dialogue process prevents us being triggered into an unhelpful emotional response such as anger or anxiety. These negative emotional states come from the lower brain areas(3-5)

The safe communication dialogue helps us to create win wins , rather than competing about who is right and who’s wrong!

The dialogue process teaches us how to self regulate our emotional reactions.

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Published by From Conflict To Connection

My name is Lynn Armstrong, I work as a relationship coach, and also in the area of stress resilience

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