Stop Smoking Now!

Most people who smoke, at some point wish they hadn’t started. Just the thought of stopping smoking can trigger panic or anxiety. People give lots of reasons as to why they continue to smoke…reasons such as the following.

  • It relaxes me
  • Its my only pleasure
  • I get too stressed and anxious and smoking helps me
  • I only smoke socially
  • I can’t stop
  • I’ve tried to stop but the withdrawal symptoms are so bad I start again
  • I can’t enjoy a drink socially without a cigarette

The main reason people smoke is that they have addicted themselves to nicotine. When a smoker tries to stop smoking, the little nicotine monster 👹 gets hungry! The other aspect of why a smoker continues smoking, is the belief ‘smoking is giving me something I need, and the withdrawal pangs are just too painful!

Both of the above statements are beliefs, not reality.

Having been a smoker myself in the past, I am well aware of how smoking can trick you into believing you need it.

Around 17 years ago, I was training in NLP, and a colleague on the course offered to help me stop smoking, she used one of the NLP techniques and I stopped immediately, without any withdrawal pangs!

I have never had the urge for a cigarette since. I have helped a number of people to stop smoking using the same NLP method that worked for me.

Once you are free of the nicotine trap, you can’t believe you ever fell for it in the first place!

When you stop smoking, you discover so many other healthy ways to feel relaxed and enjoy your life, free of the smoking trap, without any withdrawal pangs.

I offer’ Stop Smoking Now’ coaching sessions, via zoom and in person in Headingley Leeds.

Sessions are £85 for a 2 hour session.Tel. Lynn on 07944921130

Free Yourself Today.

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