Freedom From Negative States By Being The Awareness Of Them

We all know how it feels to feel ‘stuck’ in a negative state such as…

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hopelessness
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Blame
  • Loneliness

These kinds of emotional states can seem hard to get out of, so what is the key to freeing ourselves from them?

The key to freeing ourselves from a negative state, lies in reconnecting to our true identity.

We are born into this world as pure awareness. We take in information from our environment, and create a concept of the world and a concept of self.

These concepts become habituated, our repetitive emotional states seem to be a part of who we are, but they are only concepts.

To free ourselves from a negative state, we have to return to our original nature, which is pure awareness.

We are not our mind, we are not our emotions, thoughts or behaviours. Our true identity is as pure awareness of our experience.To free ourselves from an unwanted emotional state we can follow these steps.

  • Notice an unwanted emotional state you are experiencing
  • Say to yourself, “I am the pure awareness of (insert feeling or thought)
  • Say to yourself, I am not the feeling, my true identity is as the awareness of the feeling or thought.
  • Practise this skill of being aware throughout your day

The more we practise the conscious skill of being the awareness of our inner and outer experience the more we are connecting to our true identity. This skill also helps us to disidentify from negative states such as anxiety or depression, and other self defeating emotional states.

Lynn Armstrong.

Freedom From Identification With Negative States

Published by From Conflict To Connection

My name is Lynn Armstrong, I work as a relationship coach, and also in the area of stress resilience

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