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Have you ever had a recurring dream? Or one that really stuck with you?dreams are a symbolic language with a gift for us, when we know how to unwrap the gift, we get to experience more aliveness and joy.Even dreams that we might call ‘nightmares’ are useful when we know how to work with them.

There are many theories and beliefs about what dreaming actually is, and why it happens. Some theorise that our dreams are just our mind trying to sort out events that happen in life…others believe that dreams are messages from our unconscious…what do you believe about dreams?

Dreams have often been used as a therapeutic tool by therapists as they seek to help a person to resolve inner conflict or life challenges. There have been various ways of working with dreams, interpreting dreams is one popular method.

Dreamcasting is about realising that you are the ‘cast director’ of your dream, you have created all the various parts.When we reenact the dream, we create a dialogue between the characters ..we then are able to receive the message of the dream.

In our dreams, we often experience ourselves being thwarted or frustrated by something or someone.Yet, we are the one who has created the dream, and we have created ourselves in the dream as the one being frustrated somehow,..

When we work with our dreams, we play all the parts in the dream, not just the part of the one being frustrated, but also the part of the one doing the frustrating.

We look at dreams as a fragmentation of experience, when we integrate all the different parts in the dream, we get to experience ourselves in a more integrated way.

For instance, I worked with a lady who had a recurring dream of being chased by a dragon, (We will call this lady Alana for the purpose of this exercise).. this was a fearful dream where she was running and hiding, and no matter where she tried to hide, the dragon would find her. If we keep in mind that Alana is the creator of this dream, then it helps us realise that all the symbols in the dream can be utilised. In the dream, Alana has created herself as the one being frustrated or victimised by the dragon. Could she not also play the part of the dragon?

Alana worked on this dream, and we had her bring it back to life by a reenactment of it, only this time, Alana played the part of the dragon, and created an ongoing dialogue between the dragon and herself. This brought about a feeling of empowerment in Alana, she also reported that the daily anxiety she had felt before was greatly reduced.

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Dreams are a symbolic language of our potential.

When we work with dreams we follow these steps.

1.Tell the dream as a story in the present tense.

2.Set the stage for the dream, set up the imaginary props.

3.Play all the different parts in the dream..creating a dialogue between all the parts.

This creates integration on a deep level. The dream can then deliver its wisdom to our conscious mind.

Dreams are a gift from our unconscious mind, they help us get in touch with parts of our experience and potential that may have been submerged, fragmented or forgotten.

We can reclaim our wholeness, courage, and confidence when we take the time to unwrap the gift our dreams are trying to deliver to us.

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